Cocker Spaniel House Training

Cocker Spaniel house training is often the toughest part of working with this wonderful breed. They tend to be a bit difficult to housetrain, largely because they are small as puppies and can easily slip behind furniture, under the bed or even behind that big potted plant and relieve themselves before you even realize what is happening. Housetraining is, however, never impossible but it does require that you get on a schedule for feeding, exercising and playing.

The first thing to consider is where to keep your puppy or dog and if you want the Cocker Spaniel house training to be in stages or in one step. It is possible to paper train a puppy then gradually move themĀ  to relieving themselves outside. Generally puppy paper training is a good idea if you cannot be home with the dog or puppy on a regular basis. People that work are farther ahead paper training where at least the mess is in one area to clean up until the puppy develops enough bladder and bowel control to go the whole day. In rough terms a puppy over the age of six months should be able to hold their bladder for approximately six to eight hours and after about 10 months eight hours should not be a problem.

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Feeding Schedules

Puppies need to be fed frequently with most puppies at 8 weeks of age doing between with three or four smaller meals a day rather than two larger. Keeping feeding times on a schedule rather than allowing free access to food helps in timing when they need to go outside or be taken to the paper or puppy pad. Knowing when to watch for signs of needing to go to the bathroom is one sure way to stay on top of Cocker Spaniel house training regardless of the age of the puppy or dog.

When Cocker Spaniel house training keep in mind thatĀ  puppies will typically have a bowel movement 15 to 30 minutes after eating and most will also urinate at the same time, . Watching for signs of anxiety including sniffing the ground, trying to get out of sight or circling and whining is a good indicator of when the puppy needs to go to the designated toilet area. If you doing the Cocker Spaniel housetraining outside carry them to the door and always use the same exit from the home. Once they get more coordinated and faster with their movements they can walk beside you, getting the idea of where to go to signal they need to go outside.

Exercise and Sleep

Another key time to get the dog outside is immediately after waking and after the first few minutes of intensive play. Typically when the puppy is active it is easy to spot when they need to get out since they will suddenly stop and squat or simply stand and urinate. When this happens it is easy to use the above mentioned Cocker Spaniel house training technique of simply picking up the puppy and taking them outside or to the designated area. Be sure to provide lots of praise and attention for going to the bathroom in the right place, this will help instantly reward and reinforce the good behavior.